Start date of participation: February 2, 2015


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Principal Investigator: Dr. Ricardo Gomez Huelgas


Brief description:

SAS is an autonomous body attached to the Ministry of Health of the Government of Andalusia in the South of Spain. Its mission is to provide public quality health care to the citizens, seeking efficiency and optimum use of resources. SAS has a network of integrated care services and it is organized to ensure the accessibility of the population. There are 1,491 primary care centers, 29 hospitals and 84.706 employees. In this project will be involved two of its hospitals, Hospital Regional and University Clinic Hospital Virgen de la Victoria of Malaga. Between both Hospitals, the intercenter clinical management unit of Internal Medicine Department attended to 4000 inpatients and 32.000 external consults in 2013.

The previous experience relevant to those tasks:

SAS has participated in several European projects: CIP- PALANTE Project (www.palante-project.eu/), 7PMHEALTH-

MAGICBULLET (www.magicbullet7fp.eu)), 7PM-HEALTH-FLIP (www.flip-fp7.eu), 7PM-HEALTHDEVANI

(www.devaniproject.org). Moreover, related to the tasks assigned the group has experienced in two recent studies financial by competitive convocatories “Effect of weight loss on various markers of cardiometabolic risk in metabolically healthy obese subjects”, Health Research Fund (National funds) and “Metabolic Syndrome in Primary Care (Málaga): A Short- Term Effectiveness of a Multidisciplinary Intervention Program” Andalusian Health Service (Regional Funds).


Main task attributed:

  • Involvement in WP2. Recruitment of patients for the study. Treatment and follow up of patient according to research design during 4 years.
  • Collection of data and blood samples for each patient included in study and sending all of data to central lab and coordination centre.
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