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Principal Investigator: Assistant. Prof. Henri Tuomilehto


Brief description:
OIVAUNI OY is private health clinic, which is specialized in diagnosing and treating sleep disorders. The clinic is situated in Kuopio, Finland. The applicant is the head physician of the clinic.

The applicant is a specialist in otorhinolaryngology and sleep medicine. He has been leading Kuopio Sleep Apnea Group since 2004. The overall design of the study group is based on experienced researchers and 7 post-doctoral students. During the last two years the applicant’s sleep study group has produced ~20 international publications and has been the most productive in sleep medicine at the national level. In addition, there are 7 doctoral theses (1 related to proposed project) under preparation related to the overall sleep studies of the applicant.


Main tasks attributed:

The main task of the applicant is responsible for planning and organizing the sleep part of the project.


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