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Principal Investigator: Dr. JH Calvet


Brief description:

Impeto Medical is a privately owned medical device company formed in June 2005 with its corporate headquarters in Paris, France. Impeto Medical manufactures and markets devices designed for non-invasive screening of diabetes and neuropathies. Impeto Medical has developed eZscan and Sudoscan using proprietary technology for non-invasive assessment of eccrine sweat gland activity. This measurement, which lasts no more than two minutes and requires no fasting or blood sample, allows the device to instantly report a score representative of the small C- fiber damages.


Main tasks attributed:

Diagnosis and follow-up of peripheral neuropathies and cardiac neuropathies with Sudoscan (section “primary endpoint, microvascular complications” of the project. Impeto Medical will:

  • Provide the medical devices.
  • Ensure formation of the personal that will perform the measurements in the different follow-up centres.
  • Analyse all the data from Sudoscan measurements.


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