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Principal Investigator: Dr. Bernard Vrijens


Brief description:
AARDEX Group is the world leader in products and services for measurement-guided medication management - the process by which one measures, analyses and improves patient adherence with the prescribed treatment.

During the past 24 years, AARDEX has developed several generations of MEMS® - Medication Event Monitoring Systems, together with an expanding array of statistical methods for analysing the drug dosing histories that MEMS monitors collect.
In clinical trials, the services provided by AARDEX Group allow one to measure, and thus to manage, the exposure of ambulatory patients to drugs being tested. The methods also make it possible to screen patients, especially those taking multiple non-trial medicines, to identify those whose adherence meets a minimal standard for trial enrolment. In clinical practice, AARDEX Group offers patient management programs, based on reliably compiled drug dosing histories, to enhance patient adherence to prescribed drugs.
AARDEX Group also maintains a growing database (20000 patients) of electronically compiled drug dosing histories in a wide range of diseases, showing the incidence and scope of non-adherence in the absence of medication management. Such information is essential for realistic planning of drug trials.
AARDEX Group has a decade of experience in providing the monitors, information technology, and expertise for measuring, analysing, and improving patient adherence and persistence with prescribed or protocol-specified ambulatory pharmacotherapy. The current generation of the MEMS monitor is the 7th.
The company is involved in the ABC project (www.abcproject.eu), a 7th Framework Programme funded by the European Union that started in January 2009. Within this project, AARDEX Group leads the activities aiming to build up a consensus on taxonomy and terminology of patient adherence, and performs a review on adherence- enhancing interventions.


Main tasks attributed:

  • WP5 – Clinical Trial Organisation and Evaluation.
  • WP6 – Adherence assessment.
  • Provide MEMS technology and access to the medamigo web platform.
  • Provide training or demo packages on the MEMS technology.


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