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Principal Investigator: Antonio Nicolucci




Brief description:

Non-profit biomedical research organization. The Consorzio Mario Negri Sud is involved in research programs encompassing several areas of medicine, with particular attention to chronic diseases such as diabetes. The research programs are performed in cooperation with diabetes outpatients clinics and general practitioners working throughout Italy. Particular attention is paid to the identification of patients showing high risk profile for metabolic and cardiovascular diseases. Many of these aspects are explored in the framework of several ongoing studies. The CMNS has long-term experience in methodology of clinical research, design and coordination of RCTs and epidemiological studies, pharmacoepidemiology, outcomes research in diabetes, evaluation of psyco-social impact of diabetes.
The CMNS participated in the DE- PLAN project as local promoting and coordinating centre


Main tasks attributed:

The Consorzio Mario Negri Sud (CMNS) will participate to the ePREDICE project as local promoting and coordinating centre. In the context of the ePREDICE the CMNS will contribute to Recruitment of patients for the study (Involvement in WP2), Treatment and follow up of patient according to research design during 5 years and collection of data and blood samples for each patient included in study and sending all of data to central lab and coordination centre
This participation will be central for:

  • the assessment of the efficacy of different therapeutic schemes for the early prevention of diabetic complications in people with IGT involved in lifestyle intervention;
  • the evaluation of the cost-effectiveness of tested therapeutic schemes and their impact on quality of life.


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