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Principal Investigator: Dr. Diana Bravo García


Brief description:

eDiagnostic ophthalmology is a limited society whose NIF is B 47664248. The activity of the Company is to provide clinical reports and diagnostic in the specialty of ophthalmology by using new technologies of information and communication.


Main tasks attributed:

eDiagnostic ophthalmology will provide the Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) and the technological support to the participant centres necessary to accumulate digital retinal images from a variety of non mydriatic camera sources and to work under the standard DICOM. This system will use a secure central server to store digital retinal images and relevant patient data and will provide IDs and passwords that will allow immediately access to the patient database for each particular centre.
e Diagnostic ophthalmology will provide the centres immediate responses about the quality of the images for grading.


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