Principal Investigator: Prof. Zdravko Kamenov


Brief description:

Alexandrovska University hospital has been established in 1879. It is the largest hospital. In 1918 the first medical faculty in Bulgaria has been grounded in Alexandrovska hospital, which is the largest university base today. The hospital is supplied with modern equipment and is certified with the highest mark by NSSI. The largest proportion of medical doctors in Bulgaria has been educated in this hospital. It is also a partner in many International projects and consortia. The Clinic of Endocrinology was established 35 years ago and nowadays it is leaded by assoc. Prof. Z.Kamenov. The Clinic has 26 beds. The staff includes 7 doctors, 2 PhD students, 5 specializing in endocrinology doctors.


Main tasks attributed:

The therapeutic and diagnostic profile of the Clinic of Endocrinology is well-developed in quality. In the light of this, a great variety of patients with different endocrine and metabolic diseases are hospitalized here. Diabetes is one of the main clinical areas. The Clinic has a developed system for education of patients with diabetes starting 15 years ago. The aspect of diabetes prevention education The Clinic of Endocrinology is certified with the highest mark by NSSI and its clinical traditions are based on the Good Clinical Practice. It is essential part of the department of Internal Medicine and obviously a place where students in medicine are educated successfully. It owns special set for sonographic diagnostic machines, as well as body impedance device, all these assisted with auspicious computer system. Very often this Clinic takes part at International clinical projects.


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