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Principal Investigator: Professor Stephen Colagiuri


Brief description:

The Boden Institute of Obesity, Nutrition & Exercise of the University of Sydney brings together key researchers to enhance efforts to understand and address the critical health problems posed by the rising burden of obesity, diabetes and lifestyle-related chronic diseases in Australia and internationally. It does this through basic, clinical, translational and healthy policy research. It has a strong focus on diabetes and has an established clinical trials unit which conducts national and international studies. It also has a major focus on diabetes prevention and is conducting the Sydney Diabetes Prevention Program, a large community-based translational project.
The Boden Institute has an established record of conducting clinical trials in diabetes and obesity. It had lead and participated in many such studies, including the co-ordination of several studies. The Institute has the systems for monitoring recruitment and data collection during clinical trials. It has a track record of recruiting other Australian centres to collaborate in clinical trials. The Institute has a dedicated clinical trials unit to conduct this work.


Main tasks attributed:

Within e-PREDICE, Professor Colagiuri (a Director of Boden Institute) and his group will be responsible for : 1. co-ordinating the Australian arm of the study by recruiting centres to participate in the study (WP2); oversee the sampling, and monitoring of the at least one hundred people recruited into the study during the evaluation of different therapeutic approaches for the early prevention of diabetic complications; 2. act as a site recruiting subjects into the study.


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