Principal Investigator: Prof. Predrag Djordjevic


Brief description: In the Outpatient Department “DEDINJE” he managed up to one thousand diabetic patients regarding their early diagnosis and best treatment, using the newest European and World standards and guidelines. He was head for many years of the scientific project: “transplantation of pancreatic islets for the treatment of type 1 diabetic patients”, being the pioneer for this research in South-East Europe. He worked permanently and successfully to transfer his laboratory and basic research in to the clinical practice, also to make the best research data base for the patients managed in his department included epidemiological data. He actively collaborated and collaborates now with diabetic centre in Institute (now Clinic) for diabetes, Clinical Centre, Belgrade, Serbia. He was for 12 years director of this clinic and research organisation. Main tasks attributed: In this project we will be participating in the WP2: -Recruitment -Treatment and follow up of patient according to research design Collection of data and blood samples for each patient included in study and sending all of data to central lab and coordination centre.


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