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Principal Investigator: Dr. Andrea Mari


Brief description:
CNR is an Italian public research institution that includes institutes active in various research fields all over the country. Two research groups participate in this project: one at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering in Padua (CNR-ISIB, www.isib.cnr.it, leader Andrea Mari; grant beneficiary) and the other at Institute of Clinical Physiology in Pisa (CNR-IFC, www.ifc.cnr.it, leader Amalia Gastaldelli).


This participant has two groups:

The first group: CNR-ISIB:

Leader: Dr. Andrea Mari

Main tasks attributed:

CNR-ISIB will be responsible of the modelling analysis of OGTT or meal tests performed to evaluate, besides glucose tolerance, insulin sensitivity and beta-cell function. The activity will encompass all the necessary tasks, from protocol design to electronic data collection to mathematical modelling and delivery of the insulin sensitivity and beta-cell function parameters.

The second group: CNR-IFC:

Leader: Dr. Amalia Gastaldelli

Main tasks attributed:
The group will be in charge of the study of the relationship between cardiometabolic risk and ectopic fat accumulation, particularly in the liver. Biomarkers associated with vascular dysfunction and fatty liver disease will be measured by our laboratory.



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