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Principal Investigator: Dr. Sophie Peresson


Brief description:
International Diabetes Federation Europe (IDF Europe) is a non-profit organization established under Belgian law (AISBL: Association Internationale à but non lucratif). IDF Europe has its office in Brussels and was founded in 2000. This association is governed by the provisions of Title III of the Belgian law of 27 June 1921 on non profit organisations, the international non profit organisation and the foundations (article 46 to 57). The association’s registered office is established Chaussée de la Hulpe 166, 1170 Brussels Belgium.

IDF Europe has namely been involved in the implementation of the IMAGE project (Development and Implementation of a European Guideline and Training Standards for Diabetes Prevention), funded by the Public Health Executive Agency. In the Image project IDF Europe was tasked with being the coordinator of the work package responsible for the dissemination of the results. IDF Europe has also been involved in the DIAMAP and SWEET projects.


Main tasks attributed:

International Diabetes Federation Europe will disseminate the rationale behind and the findings of the project to its member organizations and via the different fora that it is member of. Moreover, IDF Europe will also use the following tools and events in order to disseminate the findings of the project:

  • IDF Europe intranet and annual General Assembly.
  • Diabetes related congresses, -European Diabetes Coalition.
  • World Diabetes Day (14 November).
  • Via health professional organizations.



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