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Principal Investigator: Prof. Peter Schwarz


Brief description:
The University Hospital Dresden with its 26 clinics, four institutes and three interdisciplinary centres is the city’s largest hospital. Close bonds to the University of Technology Dresden enable an atmosphere of research, learning and teaching.

The Department of Internal Medicine III, Diabetes Care Centre offers diabetes research programmes that reach from cell biology to genetics, pathogenesis and regeneration of diabetes.

Peter Schwarz is the coordinator of the global network “who are active in diabetes prevention” and the Virtual diabetes Prevention centre. This is an ideal basis to establish the communication of the GIFT project results. Furthermore he was the of the European funded successful “IMAGE” project which was fulfilling all proposed deliverables in time and communicated the result adequately which developed expertise and experience for the project dissemination. Especially the global network includes also about 900 professional Asian experts. Peter Schwarz has more than 10 years experience in diabetes prevention and public health. He is scientific director of the TUMAINI-Institute of prevention management. This institute organizes the implementation and realization of prevention programmes of chronic diseases. Furthermore Peter Schwarz guides political and scientific processes with steering the Prevention group of the diabetes professional organization. This work is also represented by the development of European guidelines for diabetes prevention management and the development of an Global Diabetes Plan.


Main tasks attributed:



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