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Principal Investigator: Prof. Marcus Lind


Brief description:

The Institute of Medicine is the largest Institute at the University of Gothenburg. The field of research is wide, ranging from molecular research to research at societal level. The research comprises several of the most common diseases such as diabetes, obesity and rheumatology. Other important fields of research are pulmonary diseases, allergic disorders and gastro-intestinal research. Today some 280 Ph.D. students are registered at the Institute.

 The NU-Hospital organization consists of a group of five hospitals (NÄL, Uddevalla, Bäckefors, Lysekil, Strömstad) covering the second largest group of health-care consumers in Western Sweden. It is situated roughly 80 kilometers north of Gothenburg. The aim of the NU-Hospital Organization is to stimulate the employees to pursue research, a research organization has been established for this purpose (the Fyrbodal R&D council). This council provides financial support for research projects and assists in covering salaries during research time for all employees in the organization. The most common collaborating party in these research projects is the University of Gothenburg, but there are also other national and international partners.


Main tasks attributed:

  • Lead coordinator of WP08 Statistics
  • Statistical methodology and analysis
  • Marcus Lind will be responsible for and coordinating the work with statistical methodology and analysis.


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