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Principal Investigator: Prof. Michael Brainin


Brief description:

The Danube University Krems, Austria, is a public university specializing in postgraduate academic studies. Being a European model project, Danube University Krems combines high quality in education, research and consulting with excellent customer orientation and service.
Research which can be applied in teaching, but also in economically useful products, patents and services, is an important part of the work being done at Danube University Krems. The research activities are marked by a cooperation with national and international scientific institutions and companies. In 2009 more than 100 research assistants were involved in about 160 research projects.
The Department of Clinical Medicine and Preventive Medicine of the Danube University Krems was involved in the De-Plan study as one of the participating communities. A pilot study, including a subgroup of the population recruited for the De-Plan Lower Austria, investigated cognitive decline during 24 months in persons with high- medium diabetes risk.

Furthermore the team of Michael Brainin is initiator and operator of the ongoing trial “Austrian Polyintervention Study to Prevent Cognitive Decline after Ischemic Stroke”.


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