WP05 Microvascular endothelial function


Work Package Lead: Prof. Andrea Natali 




Organize microvascular endothelial function and carotid ultrasound (IMT) measurements: standardization, data storage, data transfer, quality control, central reading and analysis.

Main tasks:

  • Andrea Natali (UNIPI) will coordinate the WP and Endothelial Function (EF) technique

Task 1. Techniques and procedures:

  • Verify in each and all recruiting centres the local availability of the necessary equipment for EF and carotid ultrasound.
  • Coordination of ITAMAR technical assistance and support.
  • Prepare the Operations manual for these techniques.
  • Participate in personnel training and standardization of procedures.
  • Select the centres that participate to the study on the bases of the local resources and quality of the data.

Task 2. Data management and analysis:

  • Organize local data storage and maintenance.
  • Organize data transfer, data quality control and central blind reading in coordination with EVIDEM (WP9).
  • Analyse the data.


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